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Benefit for Suppliers

(Y)our objectives

Suppliers meet qualified buyers who place MICE business outside of Germany, in Europe and worldwide and aim to realise projects abroad. Participating buyers are selected event planners from large and medium enterprises and emerging agencies. The suppliers will influence the quality of the hosted participants by selecting the buyers and deciding on participation in the event.

– Convert new and unknown contacts to potential customers.
– Establish business relationships with target customers.
– Strengthening of existing customer relationships.


Your contacts – your decisions

We are proud that you trust in us and in our field of competence. Nevertheless we want to integrate you in the process of selecting the hosted buyers for the events “to get the best out of it”. 

– Personal phone interviews by PeC-Kommunikation.
– Reference checking for past events (number of events, size, type of evens) by PeC-Kommunikation.


Quality before quantity

Our philosophy is: quality before quantity. The number of buyers and suppliers is limited at our events. We believe that the ratio of buyers and supplies should be in good balance, as well as the proportion of group presentations and individual meetings to networking breaks and free time. 

– 30 – 60 selected hosted buyer (all of them doing business outside of Germany).
– 20 – 27 suppliers from international destinations (no suppliers from Germany).
– Selection and decisions about hosted buyer participation by the suppliers.
– Extended time frame for personal meetings and networking at our events.


Powerful media awareness in the german speaking markets

Through your decision in participating at a MICEboard event you receive a full service package. Beside the participation on the event and extension of your contact list, the product will be presented via diverse media channels in the German speaking market. We make sure that you get online a high level of attention and found so much better at Google search by event organizers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

– The product presentation (including text, photos, video and presentation) will be available online on the MICE portal “”.
– Cooperation with MICE trade magazines (announcement of event and follow-up reporting).
– High Awareness through Social Media activities before, during and after the event. 


Brief and concisely the most important facts!

– Top buyers from the MICE – markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
– Selected MICE buyers placing business events abroad.
– Decision makers from agencies and companies with influence on projects and decisions.
– Planners and corporates from emerging medium-sized companies with growing potential.
– Pre event and follow-up marketing: social media marketing and online presentation of the product (including pictures, editorial and video).


Watch out our Website PeC-Kommunikation for more informations! (CLICK HERE)