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average length of time spent on our website:4 minutes
9,000monthly visitors on miceboard.com
100,000views a year at customers content at MICEboards YouTube and Slideshare channels
Only international suppliers!
no suppliers from Germany at MICEboard
Target-markets – German-speaking markets, focus: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Target-group –German-speaking event planners who organise international events
Creative and digital communication concepts combined with social media
Creative trade events with international suppliers only and buyers from the taget markets Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Efficient communication of the brand, products and services which is customised to the German-speaking target markets and their whishes and needs

MICEboard Advertorials

You want to convey selected and relevant information for the target markets?
You want qualified participants for your MICE sales events such as roadshows study tours and fam trips?
Communicate your product news and latest offers fast and on a day-to-day basis
Present your services / products / brand - In the most popular online MICE "shop-window" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Fill out the form and ask for a sales offer!

Here you will discover your content is placed in the perfect context

Our services for you:
  • Translation from English to German
  • Optimizing posts / content, according to the needs and wishes of the target groups - Focus on markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Integration of photos, product presentations and films in the advertorial
  • Finalisation of your content
  • Publishing on MICEboard
  • Reaching the multipliers and thought leaders in the MICE industry - Increasing scope
  • Storytelling of content in social media and for the target group relevant distribution channels
  • Option to communicate own events – registration tool & calendar entry
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  • MICEboard Newsroom

    • Newsroom and MICEboard are two shopping windows for your services/products and your brand
    • Communication Flatrate in German-speaking MICE markets – one stop shop for your success
    • Add ons:
      • Corporate design of your company
      • One-click-connection to official website and recruitment of new potential visitors for your homepage
      • Customised information by categories (for German-speaking market)
      • Automatically connected to MICEboard and export of every article to mother page
      • Unlimited publishing of articles in the virtual newsroom and on the mother page MICEboard
      • Daily communication of your sales offers, educational event opportunities and market relevant information
    • One Stop Shop:
      • creating an official communication lead-idea
      • creating ideas and measures for content and storytelling– in German language – according to wishes and needs of German target group
      • Content publishing at the MICE Newsroom and automatically on MICEboard
      • Huge amount of social media measures in all relevant communities and social networks in the target markets
      • Easy payment arrangements

    MICEboard Newsroom Examples:

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  • MICEboard Events

    What are the MICEboard events?

    The MICEboard events MICE by melody, The MICE BOAT and MICE PEAK are unique.

    Unlike customary trade events, the MICEboard events only accept international suppliers of MICE services and event planners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through this selection it is guaranteed that participants (event planners) actually have international demand. Thus, the exhibitors do not waste time by talking to event planners who have no international potential.

    The number of participants is strictly limited - both in terms of exhibitors, as well as on the participant side. MICEboard events have a very exclusive setting and are unique. They are addressed to leading event planners and event professionals who regularly organize or decide on international events, incentives, conferences, exhibitions and meetings. With this limited group of participants a qualitatively better networking process can be achieved which leads to desired results in actual RFPs.

    The exhibitors of MICEboard events are introduced and presented in detail prior, during and after the events on www.MICEboard.com. Texts, photos, videos and product presentations can be placed and promoted through numerous social media channels. By giving this maximum of transparency, event planners can inform and prepare themselves at optimum before each appointment. For the exhibitors present during the event, this leads to an improved quality of conversation content and a maximum of digital awareness in the German-speaking target markets. In addition the page ranking in search engines will be optimised – as well after the event. This is what makes a big difference and the MICEboard events unique in Germany and in the international market.

    • Only international suppliers
    • Only buyers with international potential
    • Exclusive and selected participant’s circle
    • Best prepared participants through online presentation of products prior of events
    • Exclusive networking set up
    • No waste of time - Each shot a punch/hit

    MICE by melody is a regional, annual networking event in Germany, happening in Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich, guaranteeing easy and enjoyable sales conversations through a casual and awesome setting.

    The MICE BOAT is a multi-day networking event on the open, high sea. On board of the cruise are selected international suppliers and event planners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The MICE BOAT connects elements of a road-show (interactive group and individual presentations), networking (one-to-one-meetings) and site inspections (in the hosting destinations) to one unique event at sea.

    The MICE PEAK is the international summit of the MICE industry. International suppliers and event planners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet in a selected international destination for PEAK PERFORMANCE – including group and individual presentations, site inspections, value-added presentations by professionals for professionals, as well as keynotes and workshops on relevant topics and trends in the MICE industry.

    Event planners are only qualified for the MICEboard events if they regularly organize international events. We communicate with our clients on a continuous level to receive their confirmation on booked business resulting from initial contacts closed on our events.

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